Session 28:
New Sources and Methods for Data Collection

Thursday, April 15
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Cumberland F
Exhibition Level

Chair: Felicia LeClere, University of Michigan
Discussant: James W. McNally, University of Michigan

  1. Subjective Risk Assessment and Reactions to Health-Related Information: Evidence from BangladeshAlessandro Tarozzi, Duke University; Soumya Balasubramanya, Duke University; Lori Bennear, Duke University; Alex Pfaff, Duke University

  2. Doubling Up When Times Are Tough: A Pilot Study of Obligations to Share a Home in Response to Economic HardshipJudith A. Seltzer, University of California, Los Angeles; Suzanne M. Bianchi, University of California, Los Angeles; Charles Q. Strohm, University of California, Los Angeles

  3. Panel Conditioning in Longitudinal Social Science SurveysJohn R. Warren, University of Minnesota; Andrew Halpern-Manners, University of Minnesota

  4. Measuring Lethal Counterinsurgency Violence in Amritsar District, India Using a Network Referral-Based Sampling TechniqueRomesh Silva, University of California, Berkeley; Jeff Klingner, Human Rights Data Analysis Group, Benetech; Scott Weikart, Human Rights Data Analysis Group, Benetech

Other sessions on Data and Methods